Are Your Hormones Driving You Crazy???

Are your hormones driving you crazy

We have helped thousands of women just like you get control of their raging hormones.

We have been accused of being a crusaders for women’s health.

We stand guilty as charged.

But, it didn’t start out that way. My personal crusade began as a desperate attempt to save my own body!

I was an accountant, a wife, and a mom. My life was hectic, but I enjoyed my work and loved spending time my husband and our 7 kids.

We don’t have 7 kids for religious reasons, we just really liked each other and did nothing to prevent them.

I wouldn’t trade them for all King Midas’ gold!

But, as I neared 40 years old, I noticed some changes.

I was eating the same, but finding my weight harder to maintain. I was tired more and began to have trouble remembering simple things.

I began to overreact to my husband and kids. Even though I felt exhausted, I had trouble sleeping.

After these things slowly became more of the norm rather than the exception, I finally had to do something.

I went to my doctor.

He was a perfectly knowledgable man, but had very little patience or understanding for my situation.

“See it all the time, you’re going through the change. Just part of getting older.”

Back then the common medical solution was a hysterectomy.

Sometimes medicine can be downright barbaric, especially when it comes to women.

He also told me about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

His cavalier attitude about gutting me and/or sentencing me to a life of never-ending medication didn’t sit well with me.

Something inside told me there had to be a better way.

This was not just my problem, this would one day haunt my 4 daughters as well.

In that moment…

Sitting on the cold exam table,

With a paper-thin exam robe barely covering my sickened body,

I determined to find another solution…

A natural solution!

This was before the internet made things so easy to find. I began scouring book stores and health food stores looking for answers.

Then, one day I stumbled upon my hero, the late Dr. John Lee.

Dr. Lee was a physician in California who was a leading expert on women’s health, specifically hormone health.

As I read his material, I realized he was speaking to me… about me.

I learned more about my body in a matter of hours than I had learned in 4 decades of living.

But, hearing something or knowing something is of little value without action.

So, I decided to follow Dr. Lee’s simple prescription:

get tested… get educated… get living

The first step was to get tested. Dr. Lee said that most women suffer from a condition he called,

Estrogen Dominance.

which simply means you have more estrogen than progesterone.

But, like any good doctor, he didn’t want to assume anything.

He said, “test, don’t guess!”

His information suggested a simple saliva test could determine hormone levels and let me know whether or not estrogen dominance was indeed the culprit.

5 Panel Saliva Test Kit

Armed with this new revelation, I went to my doctor to get a saliva test. But, he didn’t see the need for it.

He offered to give me a blood test, but I already had learned from Dr. Lee that blood tests were not as accurate, and involved giving blood.

My doctor totally dismissed this new found truth.

That’s when I learned the most doctor’s aren’t really all that interested in my health, they usually only treat symptoms the way they were taught in school.

If I was going to go this new direction, I would have to go it alone!

I reached out to Dr. Lee and he referred my to a lab that would do a saliva test for me.

Once I had the results, I needed to learn what they meant.

Bottom line, I WAS estrogen dominant… just like Dr. Lee had said.

But, I didn’t have to take anyone’s word for it, the test confirmed it!

I finally had the answer to the question, “what is wrong with me?”

I was so relieved!!!

I wasn’t losing my mind… I didn’t need surgery… I didn’t need medication.

Dr. Lee said the solution is simple, reduce estrogen levels in the body and increase progesterone.

I learned there were simple things in my diet that increased estrogen that could be reduced or eliminated.

I also learned there were other natural products that remove estrogen.

But, it was learning about progesterone cream that ultimately closed the loop for me.

I was able to supply my body with additional progesterone to bring my hormones into balance.

It wasn’t that estrogen was bad, or the progesterone is good. They are both necessary!!!

It is all about balance.

I followed Dr. Lee’s recommendations, used the progesterone cream, and took the supplements, and began to feel better and better.

Six months later, I took another Saliva Test to validate whether or not it was working.

The test confirmed that my estrogen levels were down, my progesterone levels were up, and the other supporting hormones were more balanced.

I still had a ways to go, but I was on my way.

When I tested at the end of the first year, I was in near perfect balance!

All I had to do was maintain it, which was easy since I knew the process.

To say I was excited is an understatement. I felt like I could walk on water.

I began to share my experience with the people around me and that’s when I discovered that my story is not unique.

Virtually every woman I talked to had a similar experience… but most hadn’t heard about a natural solution.

In a matter of months I was no longer an accountant, I was on my way to becoming a leading authority and advocate for women’s health.

I have had the good fortune of helping tens of thousands of women lead healthier, more productive lives.

But, the women I am most happy to have helped are my 4 daughters. They will never have to suffer the misery that me and so many other women have.

So, if you are dealing with any of these conditions: mood swings, depression, foggy thinking, forgetfulness, hot flashes, irregular periods, water retention, breast tenderness, or you are over the age of 30, there is an answer.


Test, test, test! Saliva Testing is easy and can be done in the privacy of your own home. No blood to collect, no finger-prick, no pain.

To make things easy, I created Simply order the 5-panel test for $175 plus a few bucks for shipping.

This same test from other sites can cost over $300.

You will receive a kit in the mail with instructions on how to collect the saliva.

Follow the instructions, then return it to the independent FDA approved lab in the enclosed package.

Within a few days, your results will be emailed to you.


We will help you understand the results and help you with next steps.

I am so grateful to Dr. Lee for introducing me to saliva testing. After all this time, I still test once a year and I encourage others to do the same.

I cannot promise you that taking a saliva test will solve all of your problems, or even solve all of the health challenges you may face.

But I can guarantee that the information you learn will be empowering and help you begin taking control of your own body and health.

Remember, don’t guess…test!

You will be glad you did!

Learn more about Saliva Testing and order your in-home test kit by visiting