Saliva Testing & Estrogen Dominance What Everybody Ought To Know

Saliva Testing

Saliva testing is the most accurate way to determine estrogen dominance.

Saliva testing is easy, convenient, and painless.

Initially, I learned about saliva testing from Dr. John R. Lee in 1992. Dr. Lee was encouraging women to “test and not guess” as the best way to identify estrogen dominance.

I was intrigued after that. As a result, I decided to share what I learned with others.

Above all, women and men need to be educated about this simple available and affordable method of finding out if their hormones were the root cause of their health problems.

Subsequently, I have provided and reviewed thousands of saliva tests for women and men who were intent on a path to hormone health and wellness.

Saliva testing is the first step to beating estrogen dominance.

So, there is no doubt in my mind that achieving and maintaining balanced hormones requires saliva testing!

In this post, we answer these questions:

  • Why do a saliva test?
  • Who should take a saliva test?
  • How do I saliva test properly?
  • Which saliva test kit is right for me?
  • Why do men need to saliva test?

Many health challenges have an estrogen dominance connection.

Firstly, when was the last time you felt well?

Secondly, have you tried almost everything to resolve your health issues?

Thirdly, are you ready to take control of your health and beat estrogen dominance once and for all?

Balancing estrogen with the other hormones can change your life!

IMAGINE… peaceful sleep… boundless energy… thinking clearly… less belly fat… feeling excited about life… overcoming infertility… and more.

That is to say that NOW is the time to take control of your hormone health. Likewise, balancing estrogen with other hormones is essential for all women AND men!

Further, saliva testing is the MOST accurate method for determining hormone levels, certainly more accurate than blood.

5 Panel Saliva Test Kit

Saliva Testing

Most importantly, a saliva test is always the first step when resolving hormone challenges.  Then, there are several other ways a saliva test can contribute to better health.

Here are 5 reasons to saliva test:

1. Identify possible causes of hormone health problems.

Depending on the specific hormones involved, certain symptoms or groups of symptoms are usually present when hormonal imbalance exists.

For example, contrary to popular belief, depression is not caused by a prescription drug deficiency.

It can be caused by hormone imbalance, in combination with other contributing factors, such as stress, genetics and diet.

So, if a saliva test detects a hormone imbalance and estrogen dominance, it can be addressed through hormone supplementation, change in diet, etc.

2. Guide progesterone supplementation to offset estrogen dominance.

For example, to determine if progesterone cream supplementation is effective, if the cream is being properly absorbed, and if the dosage is appropriate.

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You can also confirm that the vitamin C you are taking is positively impacting your adrenal glands.

We believe that feeling better is good, but we want a lab to confirm that our program works!

3. Evaluate if estrogens are adequate or excessive for women taking oral hormonal supplements (pill forms).

Since the amount of hormone actually able to be used by the body, can vary widely, it is important to know whether or not the oral hormone supplementation your doctor may have prescribed is actually working.

4. Contribute to disease prevention, help with anti-aging programs, and assist weight lifters in evaluating their estrogen and testosterone levels.

Testosterone, for example, is an important hormone in both sexes, for the maintenance of heart and bone health.

That is to say, identifying of out-of-balance testosterone levels and correction with diet, exercise, and/or hormone supplementation could help prevent cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

5. Provide the needed information to confidently move ahead with a hormone balancing program.

It helps to monitor a hormone balancing program on an annual basis to ensure that hormonal balance is maintained.

Saliva testing can also identify whether symptoms are connected to a hormonal imbalance and estrogen dominance so that the women may proceed with a resolution.