6 Natural Ways to BOOST Fertility


Are you ready to boost fertility?

We have helped hundreds of women boost fertility and give birth to healthy babies by teaching them how to heal their body naturally.

Firstly, let’s deal with the fertility elephant in the room.

You want to get pregnant… you are having sex, you have not been on birth control for awhile, but, you are getting worried that it may never happen for you naturally?

Therefore, don’t fall into the trap of believing that you are alone with these problems.  

Above all, if you are seriously trying to get pregnant, you cannot leave it to fate.

Your body operates on cycles, for example, with predetermined fertile periods.

So, you owe it to yourself, and your partner, to do the best you can to help improve your chances of conceiving.

It is also a myth that “just relax” or “giving it time” will overcome infertility.

Infertility is often caused by hormone imbalances and estrogen dominance which can be fixed.

In short, irregular or absent periods are the most common sign that your hormones are being disrupted and are likely affecting ovulation and your ability to conceive.

1. Chill out

Firstly, hormone levels can be disrupted by stress both physical and emotional.

Stress is anything that puts your body into “fight or flight mode”.  Also, over exercising is one stressor that women are sometimes unaware could be effecting their hormone levels.

We have found that there are some specific ways you can de-stress your body, such as:  

  • Replace your intense “boot camp” workouts with simply walking
  • Increase your rest times
  • Reduce the number of activities on evenings and weekends
  • Spend less time on social media (big stress producer for many)
  • Meditate during the day to relax (think about how awesome life will be when your little one is running around).

Dramatic weight gain or weight loss is another stressor that can contribute to changes in hormone levels.

2. Reduce your intake of sugar and sugary foods.

Secondly, excess body weight can signal insulin resistance which can throw hormone levels out of balance.  

For instance, elevated testosterone in women often indicates PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).  

As a result, PCOS keeps many women from being unable to conceive.  However, the good news is that often PCOS can be turned around with a change in diet. 

Also, since insulin resistance is directly produced when too many carbohydrates are consumed, often in the form of sugary foods, then cutting out the sugary foods is the first step in correcting insulin resistance.

Consequently, this becomes the first step in lowering testosterone levels and also turning around cystic ovaries.

3. Consider using different birth control methods.

For example, hormones like estradiol E2 estrogen and progesterone PG have very important roles in the body when it comes to conception.  

Both of these hormones can be suppressed as a result of taking hormonal forms of birth control.

For some women, hormonal contraceptives can severely disrupt hormones making conception difficult later.

It is important to understand that “hormonal contraception” is designed to disrupt normal reproductive function.

Unfortunately for some, that becomes problematic once you wish to go off the “pill” and re-establish a normal cycle and normal hormone levels.  

The Pill use carries increased risks if you have a family history of breast cancer, are over-weight, currently smoke, have migraine headaches or have PCOS.

In addition, a recent meta-analysis of all studies since 1980 of cardiovascular & blood vessel diseases occurring during current 21 day CHC use showed that even use of the lowest doses was related to a doubling of the risk for strokes and heart attack.

We have found that making a contraceptive choice that is safe, effective, convenient, and which preserves the normal cycle, is very important for those wishing to conceive at a later stage in life.

This is where you will need to be informed 

4. Take a Saliva Test to determine hormone balance.

A year of trying to conceive is the main red flag particularly that hormones may be disrupted.  

This can be true if the woman is over 35 or is younger and has an irregular menstrual cycle.  

Don’t guess… TEST!!!

There is no reason not to know for sure, and a saliva test is the best way to find out.

A saliva test helps evaluate your hormone levels and then you can begin a program to balance your hormones to boost your chances for conception.

5 Panel Saliva Test Kit

Testing your hormone levels using a 5 panel saliva test kit for less than $200 is the best place to start.

A 5 panel Saliva Test will determine:

  • Are hormones being produced in a timely manner
  • If hormones are being over produced
  • Is stress a factor.
  • How nutrition can help 
  • Plus, many other helpful information

Equipped with this knowledge, you can chart a path to begin resolving each issue and enhancing your chances of conception.

5. Begin to use intelligent supplements

Intelligent supplementation is always a wise decision. Make sure any program you consider delivers the 9 essential hormone balancing nutrients we recommend.

Supplementing with the 9 essential hormone balancing nutrients supports:

  • Balancing your hormones
  • Regulating insulin and weight gain
  • Strengthening adrenals for better stress responses 
  • Increasing libido and optimum blood flow to ovaries
  • Plus, many other benefits

Bio-Identical Hormone Program

with the 9 Essential Nutrients

A few lifestyle changes can make a difference.

If you smoke, quit. Smoking lowers fertility for men and women and dims pregnancy rates.

Also, alcohol consumption can contribute to fertility issues. Lastly, over-exertion during exercise could be adding additional stress.

6. Have and enjoy lots of sex.

Many of our greatest pregnancy success stories were birthed after the couple began following our advice, quit “trying” to get pregnant, and just began enjoying having sex with each other again.

Sometimes we women, especially when wanting to get pregnant, can allow this to totally dominate our entire lives, making our husbands feel left out, or worse, a part of the problem.

For many men, the whole getting pregnant process can be very stressful and emasculating.

Feeling the pressure to not only perform, but also score the winning goal can make sex a less than enjoyable experience.

We certainly want to get pregnant, but we don’t want to lose our marriage in the process.

Remember, that an important element in pregnancy, and in life, is harmony between mom and dad.

Your body is remarkably resilient and can recover from most any negative situation.

We have seen hundreds of women experience health pregnancies and births, even after miscarriages and times of infertility.

Take control over your fertility and watch your body thrive!