What is PCOS & How To Fix It


Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a problem that a growing number of women are developing. It is a situation where a woman’s ovaries have many cysts. Also, PCOS is called Androgen excess. 

It is a metabolic disorder. The foods we eat greatly impact it. PCOS is also an endocrine disorder. As a result, the endocrine glands are not bonding properly.

What Causes PCOS?

We know that PCOS is associated with insulin resistance. Hence, it produces symptoms of acne, increased facial hair, male pattern balding, and certainly an irregular menstrual cycle, which results in infertility.  

Consequently, when a woman’s ovaries go to pop an egg, the egg doesn’t pop, and it doesn’t leave the ovary. So, it produces a cyst on her ovary.

If this happens every single month, she develops quite a number of cysts on her ovaries as a result.

So, every time the egg doesn’t pop, it means that progesterone is not produced. Estrogen continues to be produced but progesterone is not. Therefore, a situation of Estrogen Dominance is created.  

Additionally, women with PCOS often have insulin resistance. Insulin resistance means that there is too much circulating insulin in the body.

As a result, testosterone levels rise above the norm. This is called Androgen excess or Androgen dominance. 

Resolving PCOS

To resolve PCOS, start with a saliva test to determine your level of Androgen hormones. A saliva test will also show estrogen levels and progesterone. The lab gives a diagnosis of PCOS when it is warranted. 

If you have been diagnosed with PCOS, it is very important to start with a saliva test. Regardless, many women are estrogen dominant, at least to some extent.

This means that estrogen levels are not sufficiently balanced by progesterone. In most cases, estrogen levels are too high, and progesterone levels are too low.

The best way to reverse PCOS is to correct the Estrogen Dominance issue by balancing your hormones. Lowering estrogen levels and increasing progesterone brings balance to your hormones. And, lowering the testosterone levels.

The Natural Fix for PCOS

First, let’s deal with the elevated estrogen. You will also want to supplement with a product that contains indoles, which come from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. 

Look for supplements that contain I3C and DIM (diindolylmethane) since these “modulate” or regulate estrogen levels. When estrogen is too high, they will help lower it to the appropriate level. Another great addition is a fiber supplement to help with the removal of excess estrogen, and improve overall nutrient absorption.

Next, increase progesterone levels with bio-identical progesterone. I recommend a topical cream as the best way to get the additional progesterone you need. Make sure it has at least 1,000mg of USP grade progesterone per ounce, and is in an aloe vera base.

The Progesterone “STEAL”

Also, over-stressed adrenal glands “steal” progesterone. The best way to support healthy adrenals is with lots and lots of vitamin C, vitamin D3, and r-Lipoic Acid.  Because it is alkaline and gentle, I recommend the sodium ascorbate form of vitamin C. 

Next, you should increase the blood flow to your ovaries with the semi-essential amino acid, L-Arginine. Take at least 2 grams a day.

Finally, You are going to want to address the insulin resistance issue through some modifications in your diet. Also, you should take in fewer carbs, maintain adequate protein, and increase healthy fats. 


Therefore, taking the supplements is going to address some holes in your diet. Also, it’s going to give the body adequate tools to resolve the situation. 

PCOS is the result of insulting resistance. Therefore, too much sugar and too many carbs make PCOS worse.

High insulin usually results in elevated testosterone levels. Now we see this in women who are childbearing age for PCOS, but we also see it in women who are in menopause.

So it’s important to correct this quickly as you find out that it is developing. There is a natural way to resolve hormone imbalances, including PCOS. Likewise, women can be fertile again. 

It’s a simple fix. Above all, you just have to know how to begin. Also, do a saliva test, move forward with targeted supplements, and adjust your diet. Then, get on a program to resolve your hormones and it will resolve relatively easily.